Bret Wade

Make the real change in your life that you desire. It’s time! Intensify your focus. Build your life. Create the lifestyle that you envision. Become your message. Passionately know God’s ways and purposes. Be true to your design while walking the path of purpose. I can help...

My Bio and Why I Can Help You

  • I’ve lived a focused lifestyle for the past thirty-two years. It’s been a never-ending journey of discovery. God has continually taken me through situations, experiencing every step of process while living out the principles for my own transformation that I may teach and impart to others what I’ve learned. My life has been a constant pursuit of learning, growing in wisdom and spiritual maturity.

  • Proven Practical Hands On Application

    Through times of process and life’s challenges, superficial religious ways lose their hold on us yielding to the discovery of true solid Spirit led solutions and Biblical applications. Over the past 30+ years, I’ve chosen to live and teach others only what I’ve proven to work. I’m very practical subscribing to the belief “if it doesn’t fit, don’t wear it”. The training offered isn’t theory. It’s based in testing and proving throughout my lifetime.

  • Results Orientated Approach

    Living as a visionary is to follow God’s original intention and design. We all want what is real. I love working with those who have a desire to learn and grow. It’s exciting when I see eyes light up with an insight that changes lives. I’m not interested in wasting precious resources to simply teach something that doesn’t work. I want to see you succeed. You want the fruit of your efforts. If you’ll apply what I teach, you’ll get immediate results.

  • International Speaker, Coach & Consultant

    I’ve had the pleasure of serving the Lord in ministry and entrepreneurship for many years. My experience has included successfully providing training, teaching, preaching, coaching, consulting, establishing, leading, organizing, facilitating, networking, and assisting others on a local, national and global scale. Today, I serve as a strategist, thought leader, author, speaker, coach and consultant.

  • Global Mission

    Our mission is empowering God's people to become His voice and vision to fulfill His purpose. These visionaries become increasingly aware of His presence, what He's saying, who they are, how they're designed and to where they are sent. It's an  honor to serve God and His people. We're grateful for the heartfelt prayer and financial support of our Divine connections.