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Bret Wade

You’re going further than you’ve ever been, living on the edge of something exciting yet unseen. God is drawing you to trust Him in new ways and to take the leap to go beyond what you’ve known. 


It's time to receive the insight and practical application needed to live the visionary lifestyle you've been called to walk. Your design is Christ-conscious living His transformed lifestyle with your design and purpose.


How do you make this journey? Do you know how to get there? 


Do you know the next step? Are you ready for adventurous discovery?

I can help...

Where Are You Presently?

  • You have vision from God but do not have a clear direction yet.

  • You’re carrying vision with the passion for pursuing it but have no idea how to execute it.

  • You’re an experienced visionary who knows what they’re doing with some success but wanting to upscale your experience.

In This School You Will Learn To:

    • See Things Clearly

    • Participate in Transformation​

    • Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth

    • Live Love-Based in the Mind of Christ​

    • Flow In Identity & Design From Christ Within​

    • Live God’s Voice, Vision & Visionary Lifestyle​

    • Trust Your Intuition & Critical Thinking​

    • Fulfill Your Destined Purpose​

    Overview of Upcoming Lessons

    • Fulfilling Your Vision

      • The Four Stages of Vision
      • The Inherent Power of Intention
      • Sensitivity to Spiritual Timing
      • Intention Opens the Gateway
    • Aligning Your Vision With Heaven

      • The Authentic Call of God
      • All Vision Has An Appointed Time
      • Due-Diligence For Developing Your Vision
      • Vision Is Consciousness
    • 7 Keys For Your Visionary Journey

      • 7 Keys For Your Visionary Journey - Part 1
      • 7 Keys For Your Visionary Journey - Part 2
      • 7 Keys For Your Visionary Journey - Part 3
      • 7 Keys For Your Visionary Journey - Part 4


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      How this School Works

      • There are two main bi-weekly lessons per month each followed-up with a LIVE Q&A session the next week. 

      • Replays are provided for each session, if you miss a LIVE session (or all of them for that matter).

      • LIVE Discussion Sessions are scheduled on the fifth weeks. 

      • You’ll receive secure access to the Fresh Vision Learning Center.

      • You’ll receive an invitation for our private Community Discussion Forum for interaction with Bret & our entire School of Awakening membership community.

      • This school is a monthly continuity membership. You can start and stop at any time. A three month minimum is suggested.


      If you’re not satisfied with your membership plan for any reason you can receive a full refund when you request it within the first 30 days of your purchase. Simply start the automated process through our Help Desk.

      Questions I Get Asked Most Often

      How will the membership help me?

      Can I cancel at anytime?

      Is there a Group Discussion Forum?

      How often is the training updated?

      How long does it take to go through?

      Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?

      School of Awakening is monthly mentoring for those pursuing living God’s Voice, Vision, and Visionary lifestyle. The results are love-based transformational living resulting in Christ-consciousness, greater awareness, clarity, and maturity. If you want to serve God in the way you’re designed, this is for you. Sign up today. 

      Results Make The Difference...

      “Bret has a tremendous anointing for miracles and favor and to bring divine order to people and circumstances. My life, business, and ministry all began aligning as I met with Bret regularly. Amazing breakthroughs began happening - things I had waited years for.” 

      Joseph Peck, M.D.

      Empower 2000, Virginia, USA

      “Thank you very much for the coaching session.  I now have a better understanding of "who I am" and how this reflects in what I do. I now have clarity. I feel encouraged and motivated.  Once again thanks for helping me understand my destiny.”

      Adjoa Tamakloe

      United Kingdom

      “I know God used you to clarify and settle me deeper on His path for my journey.  I receive the "shift" that came in our session. Beyond the victory I received, the authentic personal connection I experienced with you was very uplifting and refreshing!” 

       Jamie Tougas

      California, USA

      “Thanks for the two great sessions you’ve given us, Bret. I’ve certainly had an increase in revelation since the one you did with me, especially in my ability to step back, and keep backing up, in order to see the bigger perspective. Priceless.”

      Craig & Janet Mathewson

      New Zealand

      “Each time that you shared it was fresh insight to let me realize that I was going from general to more specific details from the Lord.  It seemed like the stream was drying up and God was moving me to my next destination. Thanks for speaking and through it I was able to realize that I really was hearing from the Lord.”

      Scott Baker


      “Bret, thank you...each day things get clearer and I'm amazed at the way things are coming together. I'm seeing things I haven't been able to see before! Blessings!”

      Cecilia Seneviratne


      “I found Bret down to earth and acknowledged his own trials as he walked through life’s trials. My purpose became clearer and I was able to make some decisions regarding my future.”

      Jack Stagman

      Virginia, USA

      “Bret's teachings and openness are invaluable. It has taken away the hopelessness and discouragement. Your mentoring has made a difference.  I feel alive again! Fresh Vision has truly given me fresh vision.”

      Kim Dillon

      Alabama, USA

      “I was so delighted to listen to your broadcast. I felt that my spirit was being ignited to expectancy for what God is doing as He positions me for flowing in my design. Listening to you today lead me to a deeper embrace of what He showed me. Thank you for walking in design.”

      E. Vivienne Anderson 

      New York, USA

      “I can't thank you enough for the positive impact you've had on my life! I really appreciate you teaching me the pattern of inner healing especially by example. I'm seeing much fruit!”

      Martin Crawford

      Software Company V.P., Huntsville, Alabama, USA

      “Thank you, Bret. You’ve been the one person in our lives that has always inspired us to go deeper.”​

      John & Constance Higgins

      Apostles, Cape Town, South Africa


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