Discover How To Receive, Live & Fulfill Your Vision From God

Build your life in true spiritual freedom void of dead religiosity with greater awareness and confidence in your identity, assignment, God's voice and becoming your vision from conception to fulfillment. 

Discover How To Receive, Live & Fulfill Your Vision From God

Build your life in true spiritual freedom void of dead religiosity with greater awareness and confidence in your identity, assignment, God's voice and becoming your vision from conception to fulfillment.

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I'm Bret Wade

Vision Coach & Consultant

Are you hungry? I train passionate people who are committed to living according to Vision. Vision is a gift from God. It’s my passion to help you develop a greater awareness of God’s voice, understanding the principles involved in developing and walking out the vision and the processes involved in preparing you as the visionary. Through it all, greater clarity of your identity and purpose are also developed. These foundations are elemental for your confidence in accurately fulfilling God’s intended purpose in any sector of society.


Living, orchestrating and journeying life led by the Spirit of God is my joy. There’s no other way to truly live in freedom. As a young man, I deeply desired to have Him lead me in every decision knowing it was Him guiding me. My life’s pursuit has been to build my life in His ways and purposes, learning His voice and to fulfill the vision that He wrote on my heart many years ago. I’m dedicated to teaching these things to hungry people.



"Bret's practical insight and wisdom on things like "Vision, Purpose, and Destiny" are so powerful and helpful on walking in the kingdom and fulfilling your life and Destiny in Christ. The Destiny is in the journey, in the now, so relax and sit back when Bret posts and enjoy the journey! I recommend this page greatly for life and growth in the Spirit!!"

Jim Becton

Overseeing Apostle/Father, Houston, Texas USA, Facebook Review

“Thank you, Bret. You’ve been the one person in our lives that has always inspired us to go deeper.”

John & Constance Higgins

Apostles, Mission Care, Cape Town, South Africa

“Bret has a tremendous anointing for miracles and favor and to bring divine order to people and circumstances. My life, business, and ministry all began aligning as I met with Bret regularly. Amazing breakthroughs began happening - things I had waited years for.”  ​

Joseph Peck, M.D.

President, Empower 2000, Virginia, USA

"Bret is Bible based in all his posts. He is an informed encourager and teacher!"

Karen Christie Ford  

Facebook Review

“I can't thank you enough for the positive impact you've had on my life! I really appreciate you teaching me the pattern of inner healing especially by example. I'm seeing much fruit!”

Martin Crawford

Software Company V.P., Huntsville, Alabama, USA

"Bret has an anointing on him that the Holy Spirit allows the Church to see. His teachings / sermons are so full of truth that you want to hear more and write more notes!"

Cathy Robinson Pierce

Facebook Review

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