Empower & Enlarge Your Vision. Connect With Purpose.​​

Mentoring in Living God's VOICE, VISION & VISIONARY Lifestyle

Make the real change in your life that you desire. It’s time! Intensify your focus. Build your life. Create the lifestyle that you envision. Become your message. Passionately know God’s ways and purposes. Be true to your design while walking the path of purpose. I can help...


Transform & build your life with increased awareness of God's Presence. My non-religious, no fluff 3V Memberships empower you to step up to the next level in living God's Voice, Vision & Visionary lifestyle! Connect & start working with me today!


This where we take your life up another notch. Regardless of your background, exposure or experience, this is for you. Whether you're in business, ministry or an entrepreneur, an employer or an employee, this is for you. Now is the time to start. Your next level is ready for you to take the leap!


It's my passion to teach others how to live what I've been living for the past thirty-two years. Mentoring provides the knowledge and wisdom without the trials and pain that it took for the mentor to acquire them.


In 2007, the Lord spoke to me saying, "Bret, it's not the lack of My Presence that you suffer from. It's the presence of other things that hinder." Learn what I've learned through my pain and healing, process and revelation, transformation and preparation, success and failure to come to greater awareness of His Presence and true freedom in my relationship with Him. 


Who is this for? You. I want to build on what you already know to enhance your walk and experience in Christ. It's time to go deeper.


Imagine looking at a body of water. Today's typical contemporary church experience looks at the surface of that water and doesn't go any deeper. When you want to go deeper, you have to change where you're looking. Getting beyond the surface may require shading your eyes and repositioning your view. It changes your perception into the depths. That's where we want to go by the ways of the Spirit.


“The purposes of a person's heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.” Proverbs 20:5 


Insight is the key. Seeing things clearly comes over time, one insight at a time. Perception can change in a moment or over time. The goal is to receive fresh insight that we may "see" accurately in every aspect of vision - self-awareness, Christ-consciousness, perception, discernment, purpose, mandate and mission.


There's no better time than now to learn the lifestyle that enables you to fulfill your purpose. Learn with both practical and spiritual applications directly from a proven visionary leader who has lived it.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced leader, I can help you advance in living a deeper life with Christ. 


Work with me to gain Fresh Vision!

3V Plans Include:

  • Learn Directly From A Proven Visionary Leader

    Bret is a spiritual father with the heart of a shepherd. He's been through many years of walking with Holy Spirit himself in daily transformation, process and preparation. Bret has 32 years experience in apostolic & prophetic ministry successfully leading others in kingdom lifestyle.

  • Weekly Live On-Line Meetings

    Weekly live teaching accompanied with discussion along with Q&A ensure you're successfully empowered in moving forward to build your life and fulfill your mission.

  • Personal Coaching / Consulting Sessions

    Individual sessions are available with Bret to map out strategy and shift mindsets to ensure successfully moving forward. Whether it's a new venture or advancing in purpose, support, accountability and encouragement go a long way in making it happen. This option is offered in the Mission Mastermind Plan. 

  • Monthly Group Mastermind Sessions

    Group Mastermind Sessions will be made available for those individuals who are working towards their mission to fulfill their vision. This is where the qualified group members are able to provide feedback and suggestions for those looking for solutions for advancing. This option is offered in the Mission Mastermind Plan. 

  • Bonus - Access to my "Fresh Vision Coaching Program" 

    Dive into my 12 session on-demand coaching program with these four modules along with outlines.

    • Identity
    • Design
    • Process
    • Purpose 
  • Private Facebook Support Group

    Interact with Bret and fellow members. Once you're a member we will welcome you in to our private Facebook Community.

  • Full Immediate Access 

    As soon as you complete your order you will get access to all my training videos in the membership. 

Are You Ready For New Levels?

  • Discover What Has Already Been Written On Your Heart By The Hand of God

  • Possessing Vision for Every Area of Life

  • Enlarging Your Vision & Capacity to "See"

  • Recognizing, Proving & Testing God's Voice

  • Mentoring In The Visionary Lifestyle

  • Understanding the Processes of God

  • Increasing Your Daily Walk with Holy Spirit

  • Building Your Life In Divine Alignment

  • Experiencing Transformation For Freedom, Growth & Maturity

  • Obtaining Greater Awareness & Confidence In Your Identity & Purpose 

  • Understanding Embracing God's Processes That Prepare You For the Path of Purpose

  • Increasing Awareness of God's Presence In Your Daily Life

  • Developing Kingdom Perspective, Mindset & Culture

  • Understanding & Empowering Ekklesia

  • Living Authentic Christianity

  • Spiritual Critical Thinking

  • Transcending & Thinking Outside of the Box

  • Live Your Individual and Corporate Design as a Member of the Body of Christ

  • Live from Heaven into the Earth

  • Love-Based Living vs Fear-Based Living

  • Discover Grace For Daily Living

  • Mastering Self

  • Principles of Carrying Your Vision

  • Did God Really Say? The War Encountered Over Your Prophetic Direction

  • Taking Your Quantum Leaps

  • Walking In Function Rather Than Position

  • Learning Healthy Boundaries & Margin

  • Purposeful Productivity

  • Co-Creating with God

  • Increasing Awareness For Conscious Living

  • Developing Mental Toughness, Resilience & Agility

  • Obtaining & Developing Clarity

  • Fulfilling Your Purpose

  • Becoming & Fulfilling Your Vision

  • Achieve Breakthrough With Lasting Results

  • Engaging In Personal Transformational Process

  • Disciplines For Developing Focus

  • Identifying & Detoxing Limiting Mindsets

  • Develop Mindsets For Successfully Moving Forward in Breakthrough 

  • Deconstructing & Detoxification

  • Calming The Noise

  • Develop The Discipline of an Overcomer

  • Successfully Shifting Paradigms

  • Develop Grace For Accepting Yourself & How You Were Created & Divinely Gifted

  • Learn How To Discern & Respond To The Environment 

  • Learn To Stay Focused on Your Assignment & Not Become Wearied With Busyness

  • Learn Proper & Mature Fivefold Ministry Perspectives

  • Walk In the Spirit & Learn Care-free Living  

  • Developing & Becoming Your Message

  • Accomplishing Long & Short Term Goals

  • Communicating Your Vision

  • Creating the Visual of Your Vision

  • The Times & Seasons of Vision

  • Living Your Vision in Everyday Life

  • Living God's Voice in Everyday Life

  • Keys to Revelatory & Discovery Process

  • Leaving Institutionalism

  • See Things Clearly

  • Healthy Lifestyle

  • ...And Much More

3V Membership Plans & Pricing

Find the plan that’s right for you. No fees or contract. You can cancel anytime. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Lock in these low prices for your monthly membership subscription.

Begin Immediately With Bonus Modules - Identity, Design, Process & Purpose

from my Fresh Vision Coaching Program!

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Group Coaching

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Living God's Voice, Vision & Visionary Lifestyle


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Four - Group Coaching Webinar Meetings Per Month

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Group Coaching +

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For Visionary Leaders Pursuing Their Mission


Monthly Plan

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Annual Plan

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Vision Mentoring Plan

Included With All Features

One - Group Mastermind 

Session Per Month

OnePersonal Consulting Session Per Month

Individual Goal Setting

Strategic Planning

Vision Launching

Support, Encouragement & Accountability


If you’re not satisfied with your membership plan for any reason you can receive a full refund when you request it within the first 30 days after subscribing. Contact our Help Desk and we will process the refund for you within a few days.

Results Make The Difference...

“Bret has a tremendous anointing for miracles and favor and to bring divine order to people and circumstances. My life, business, and ministry all began aligning as I met with Bret regularly. Amazing breakthroughs began happening - things I had waited years for.” 

Joseph Peck, M.D.

Empower 2000, Virginia, USA

“Thank you very much for the coaching session.  I now have a better understanding of "who I am" and how this reflects in what I do. I now have clarity. I feel encouraged and motivated.  Once again thanks for helping me understand my destiny.”

Adjoa Tamakloe

United Kingdom

“I know God used you to clarify and settle me deeper on His path for my journey.  I receive the "shift" that came in our session. Beyond the victory I received, the authentic personal connection I experienced with you was very uplifting and refreshing!” 

 Jamie Tougas

California, USA

“Thanks for the two great sessions you’ve given us, Bret. I’ve certainly had an increase in revelation since the one you did with me, especially in my ability to step back, and keep backing up, in order to see the bigger perspective. Priceless.”

Craig & Janet Mathewson

New Zealand

“Each time that you shared it was fresh insight to let me realize that I was going from general to more specific details from the Lord.  It seemed like the stream was drying up and God was moving me to my next destination. Thanks for speaking and through it I was able to realize that I really was hearing from the Lord.”

Scott Baker


“Bret, thank you...each day things get clearer and I'm amazed at the way things are coming together. I'm seeing things I haven't been able to see before! Blessings!”

Cecilia Seneviratne


“I found Bret down to earth and acknowledged his own trials as he walked through life’s trials. My purpose became clearer and I was able to make some decisions regarding my future.”

Jack Stagman

Virginia, USA

“Bret's teachings and openness are invaluable. It has taken away the hopelessness and discouragement. Your mentoring has made a difference.  I feel alive again! Fresh Vision has truly given me fresh vision.”

Kim Dillon

Alabama, USA

“I was so delighted to listen to your broadcast. I felt that my spirit was being ignited to expectancy for what God is doing as He positions me for flowing in my design. Listening to you today lead me to a deeper embrace of what He showed me. Thank you for walking in design.”

E. Vivienne Anderson 

New York, USA

“I can't thank you enough for the positive impact you've had on my life! I really appreciate you teaching me the pattern of inner healing especially by example. I'm seeing much fruit!”

Martin Crawford

Software Company V.P., Huntsville, Alabama, USA

“Thank you, Bret. You’ve been the one person in our lives that has always inspired us to go deeper.”​

John & Constance Higgins

Apostles, Cape Town, South Africa

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